Having a smart home is well……Smart! These days its not just about security, although our system includes 24/7 security monitoring. Its about taking control of your environment!

Have you ever:

  • Been gone longer than anticipated and wished you had put on your smart home securityoutdoor lights or left a light on in the living room to discourage burglars?
  • If you live in hot climates like I do.  Wouldn’t you like to turn the A/C on in your home as you drive home?  That way the house is nice and cool when you get there?
  • Or what about your kids that constantly leave their keys at home.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see them at your front door (thru your state of the art doorbell camera) and OPEN THE FRONT DOOR for them by simply swiping right?   Yeah.  You can open your front door without  being there…
  • Or maybe you see the UPS man dropping packages off at your front door.  You don’t want them sitting there all day.  You aren’t going to open your front door for him.  How about opening the garage for him?  You can TELL him thru you doorbell camera that you want him to drop the packages off in the garage!   You open the garage for him and when you see him leave, you close it….ALL FROM THE CONVENIENCE OF YOUR PHONE!

What are the 2 biggest obstacles to obtaining your DREAM SMART HOME…?

  • Price of the components…..SOLVED…we give you up $1500.00 worth of FREE equipment
  • Installing all the components.  You can go to youtube and try to figure it out OR…..You can let our professional installers set everything up for you!   For the month of FEBRUARY we have FREE INSTALLATION!

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