What do you get when you combine cutting edge technology with home automation!
A Smart Home Security System
What Is So Great About Smart Home Automation?
Everything!   Here is a situation I had recently BEFORE I got my new smart home security system.  I had a 6 am flight, and live about an hour from the airport.  So the night before I got a hotel near the airport so I could sleep in.   Around 2 am I sat straight up in bed!  It occurred to me that I had left the heat on in my home.

Almost 2 Hours Of My Time Wasted!

Since my home is heated on electricity, and it was the dead of winter.  I knew being away for a week could mean I come home to an $800 or more bill!   For heating an empty house!    So I called the airline and booked a later flight ($75 fee).  Got dressed and drove to my house (45 minutes since there wasn't much traffic) , turned the heat off and drove back (another 45 minutes)  to the hotel.   

Smart Home Automation

That's when I started thinking about adding automation to my home.  If I had something like Nest or Element.  I could have turned the heat off from my phone and gone back to bed!  

So I started to do my research and learned of a security system that would not only allow me to monitor my home in real time, but I could automate my lights, make sure my garage door was down, and so much more!   AND IT DIDN'T COST AN ARM AND A LEG!

A week later I was set up and I've been loving my system ever since.  Want to talk to a rep?  Fill out the form below! 

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